~I have been working with Christine for approximately 7 months.  My mid-term goal was to recover from heart bypass surgery.  My long term goal is to maintain a level of fitness and health that makes living in my senior years as vital as possible.   I began working with Christine after my surgery.  Unlike the really good trainers I had before surgery, Christine is superbly talented and knowledgeable regarding geriatric fitness opportunities and limitations. Some of this, I suspect, comes from her own life experiences.

Moreover,  writing as a former teacher, Christine is an effective teacher in demonstrating exercise routines and motivating her clients to perform them.  Most important, at least for me, she is quick to evaluate and recognize the limits of my physical capabilities during exercise.

Rick Klemm

~ I have been working with Christine for five months. In the past, I have had trainers who use a “one size fits all” method.  Christine takes the time to analyze what I need most, such as working around my knee replacement and hand surgery impairments.  Flexibility, unerring judgement, and a cheer-leading attitude make me look forward to my sessions with her.  Everyone knows that in education, one-to-one teaching is far superior to being in a large class with students of varying ability; the same is true for personal training.  I used to be one who did not want to pay anything extra, however, I have changed after trying personal training.  You get what you pay for, and I have decided “I Am Worth It!”

Gail Woliver

~I have been working with Christine for six months.  My goals were to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, along with routines that I can practice anywhere and time with or without equipment.  Christine is always positive and encouraging.  She has a great sense of humor.  She has taken the time to help me identify areas of strength and works with me to customize my exercise routine.  My favorite exercises are those that improve balance along with strengthening the upper body and shoulder.  Christine always seems to know when to say "Can you try for five more now?" when she senses I can do more than I think I can.

  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Christine.  She actually makes exercising fun and helps me see how I can continue to build strength and stamina as I age.  She has helped me to build routines that incorporate my yoga and paddling into a weekly calendar to provide balance into my physical activities.

Anne Marie Duca

 Christine is probably one of the most good spirited people I have ever met. Training with her was intense and full of positive energy. She uses every minute of your session to motivate you to reach your full potential, always give your all and Christine will return the favor. I learned so much about myself and what I was capable of doing. I would recommend anyone to Christine regardless of your fitness goals, she can tailor a workout to meet your expectations. Christine rocks!

Nubia Tyler

Christine is the most energetic full of life and happiest personal trainer I could ever have.  Even when I didn't feel like working out her energy inspired me to put on my shoes and do my work out that day. Her encouragements help me get through the workouts, giving me the satisfaction at the end of our work outs that she pushed me to the limit and I finished it because she made me believe in myself.  Her knowledge on fitness and changing our exercises every time I saw her made our workouts fun.

 Also, her knowledge on food intake helped me to improve my diet in a fun and easy way.  I have an old injury and even with this impairment we were able to work out around it and still improve my form and fitness. Thank you, Christine for all your help, motivation, and encouragement to do my best and be my best.

J. Wierson


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